On Writing

The Good Writers are Liars

A young woman sits across the courtyard from me. I don’t know what she is thinking. She could be examining the pitfalls of a date, wishing for a new pair of shoes, dreaming about a world trip, or worrying about how to pay rent. I don’t know. But I can imagine. The best writers fill in the blanks. What would a protagonist do if they happened to be a young Korean girl who just found…

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My Craft

A Diamond in Her Eye

[aesop_image imgwidth=”800″ img=”https://wordsmithholler.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/gangster-539993_1920.jpg” credit=”Pixabay” align=”left” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”] “You’ll never get me to tell you where the jewels are,” the child said. She leaned back and smirked. Too much television, thought the inspector. He sat down across from her rattling the metal chair against the table in the interrogation room. The girl leaned forward. She glared at him. The stare-off went on for a few minutes until he leaned forward. The girl pushed back pinning her arms…

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