Fictional Character Profile Worksheet

I created the Fictional Character Profile Worksheet to help writers understand their characters and develop motivations. It is a fillable PDF, which means you can use it for many characters (just change the file name) and detail their individual motivations.

The sheet helps add details about the following:

  • Sensory – details about how they think and react
  • Core – details about their fears and goals
  • Personality – specific quirks and defects
  • History – where they have been
  • Activity – how they fit into the current story

This tool also contains a matrix for setting external and internal desires of the character. This can be useful for remembering motivations and internal wants.

Keep this tool in a folder or binder so you can refer to it. After time, most of these motivations and details will be second-nature. However, it is nice to review because sometimes there is a detail you might have overlooked and it can solve a problem in the plot or the scene.

Fictional Character Profile Worksheet – (PDF)