Personality Types for Writing Fiction

The Administrator

The Administrator goes to work and makes progress in completing a goal. This character is a serious and quiet individual mostly interested in security and peaceful living. They are well-organized and knowledgeable about their job. This is the character you go to when you need someone to finish a task. They will set their mind on it and complete it. This character hones in on a subject and has a keen ability to concentrate on a problem. The Administrator works the problem with thoroughness. They are responsible, reliable, and known for their ability to finish. The Administrator likes to be seen supporting and promoting traditions and institutions.

The Engineer

This character figures out how things work. The Engineer is an introvert, often quiet and shy. Obviously, this character takes a mechanical task and makes it look like child’s play. Engineers live for the moment and will excel at extreme sports or any activity where risk is involved. The Engineer is loyal to friends and family, especially if they feel comfortable to show and their values. Understand, the Engineer is so focused on solving a problem they may take liberties especially if they can get away with it. They are not too concerned with following rules or respecting laws. If an Engineer wants something from you, they will ask. Engineers can seem distant and analytical, but they are the character to nurture if you have a problem to solve.

The Provider

A Provider serves as the character who looks after the needs of others above their own. This character never raises its voice, offers kindness, as serves others without complaint. The Provider goes out of its way to make sure everyone feels happiness. This character is sensible and practical. You will often find this character making sure everyone follows a tradition or remembers family history. A Provider often serves as the conscious of the story.

The Creator

Creators seek to forge beauty through paintings, sculpture, or by designing aesthetic art. This character is sensitive to their feelings. They are faithful in friendship, loyal to others and causes, and kind to a fault. Creators dislike conflict and avoid it at all costs. You will not find a Creator trying to lead or control others. They thrive when they are given an opportunity to build something.  Creators live in the moment and will enjoy spending time contemplating or appreciating art.

The Knight

Standing alone and solemn, the Knight ensures the other characters are saved from danger. This character is forceful, somber, captivating, and sensitive. Through thick and thin, the Knight will stand watch and make sure to see the job through. The Knight is the character your story needs to  ensure everyone is saved. Although appearing melancholic, the Knight is perceptive and concerned about how others feel. They follow a strict value system and are tough to convince to change. This character can be stubborn but other characters respect their conviction to do the right thing. Because they overly believe in a strict code, the Knight would rather take charge rather than follow the crowd.

The Idealist

The Idealist is quiet, reflective, loyal, and steadfast in their ideals. This character wants to serve others and improve society. They have a well-developed system of values, which they strive to live by. This character is able to easily adapt to situations and otherwise is laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Idealists are usually talented writers. Idealists are mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. The Idealist is using three steps ahead of everyone else. They are interested in understanding and helping people.

The Scientist

Scientists are independent thinkers, who are original, analytical, and decisive. They have an unique ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Scientists value knowledge, competence, and structure. This character is relentless in extracting meaning from their visions. The Scientist is a long-range thinker with very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others. Natural leaders, a Scientist will follow if they trust existing leaders.

The Thinker

Logical, original, creative idea originators. The Thinker can become very enthusiastic about theories and ideas. They want to share their ideas with everyone. This character is extremely capable and driven to explain their theories until they are accepted by others. The Thinker appreciates knowledge, competence and logic. They are quiet and reserved, and hard to get to know well. This character is individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others.

The Doer

Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented, Doers are focused on immediate results. This character lives in the here-and-now. The Doer is a risk-taker who lives a fast-paced lifestyle. The Doer is often impatient with long explanations and wants to get down to business. They are extremely loyal to their peers, but usually do not respect the laws and rules if they get in the way of accomplishing a task. They have great people skills and can encourage others to help them get things done.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a practical, traditional, and organized individual. They most likely are athletic. Because they are practical, the Guardian is not interested in theory or abstraction unless they see the practical application. This character has a clear vision of the way things should be. They are loyal, hard-working and like to be in charge. The Guardian is exceptionally capable of organizing and running an organization or project. Like their name implies, Guardians are “Good citizens” who value security and peaceful living.

The Performer

Performers love the stage and the experience of performing. They are people-oriented and fun-loving; they make things more fun for others by their enjoyment. The Performer lives for the moment, and they love new experiences. The Performer dislikes theory and cold analysis. This character is interested in serving others and making them smile. The Performer is expected to be the center of attention in social situations. This character has a well-developed common sense and practical skills.

The Caregiver

The Caregiver is warm-hearted, popular, and conscientious. They are always putting the needs of others over their own needs. This character feels a strong sense of duty and responsibility. The Caregiver values traditions and security over immediate personal needs. This character is always seeking positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves. They look for opportunities to take care of others. The Caregiver has a well-developed sense of space and function.

The Inspirer

The Inspirer will spark enthusiasm for an idea. They are enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. The Inspirer is able to do almost anything that interests them. This character has great people skills and they need to live life in accordance with their inner values. They are excited by new ideas, but bored with the details. The Inspirer is open-minded and flexible when presented with a new idea. They have a broad range of interests and abilities.

The Giver

A Giver is popular with others because they are sensitive. They have outstanding people skills. This character is externally focused on those around them, with a real concern for how others think and feel. A Giver dislikes being alone and they look for companions to take care of. This character sees everything from the human angle, and they dislike impersonal analysis. The Giver is very effective at managing people issues and leading group discussions. This character is interested in serving others, and will usually put the needs of others over their own needs.

The Visionary

The Visionary character is creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. They enjoy learning about many things and they have many skills. The Visionary enjoys debating issues, and may be into “one-up-manship”. They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. The Visionaries see the big picture, but often overlook the small details. They are generally outspoken and assertive. This character enjoys people and will usually stimulate a conversation. The Visionary has an excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.

The Executive

Assertive and outspoken – the Executive is driven to lead people and organizations. The Executive has an exceptional ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. This character is intelligent and well-informed, and will excel at public speaking. The Executive values knowledge and competence, and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization.

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