My Craft Stories Very Short Stories

The Dead will Pile Up

“Ready,” the squad officer shouted out. I stood at the ready waiting for the order to shoot. Five rifles with laser sights pointed at the target dancing with my heartbeat. I took a short breath. The laser lights danced again. “Citizen, society demands control, which you have none of.” The words bounced in my rattled head. “You will learn to control your impulses. Or the dead will pile up.” Freedom or conformity. Transformation or tradition.…

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My Craft Serialized

Jake Rutledge and the Guy with Bad Timing – Part Seven

Yes, the weatherman looked like a goner, but he rose from the bed and told me he wanted to capture the machine and stop the air force. He said all he had to do was get back to the base, sneak into the lab, and take it away. I presumed he meant to destroy it, but everything was happening so fast that I forgot to ask questions.

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Conversations My Craft

At Work

A Conversation “I’ve lost my cereal bowl. I had it Friday.” “Did you look in the refrigerator?” “Of course. I didn’t finish my soup.” “Those new extensions?” “Maybe.” “I don’t understand why you change color or length every week.” “It makes me more interesting.” “The water cooler took three minutes to give me hot water.” “It’s not sucking.” “Yeah, it does suck.” “No. It’s not getting any air so the water isn’t coming out.” “Well,…

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My Craft Stories

A Cold, Wet, Sticky Package

The remaining packages sat near the green door waiting for the next thief and all of them contained something messy and ugly. Our homeowner spied the woman’s face on his phone. Lovely. She likely won’t come back. Too bad she only took the small box. The biggest package contained the head of the last guy who tried to steal from him. A cold, wet, sticky, nasty, bloody head.

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My Craft On Writing Process

The Importance of Knowing Genre Before You Dive into NaNoWriMo

The mark of a professional writer, is they know the genre of their story and the arc it will take. At least that is what Shawn Coyne says in his book “The Story Grid.” Coyne probably knows something about this because as an editor he has looked at enough fiction to determine if it is a finished and publishable novel. He created the Story Grid as a way to weed out the scenes that just…

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My Craft On Writing

Letters Never Meant to be Read Vol. III

I received some good news today regarding my contribution to Letters Never Meant to be Read Vol. III. The book is now LIVE on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Very exciting stuff to find yourself published in an anthology. I wrote my letter a while ago and it was picked up for inclusion in the book. Have you ever wanted to write a letter to that guy or gal you brushed up against on the train? How about…

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My Craft Serialized Stories

Jake Rutledge and the Guy with Bad Timing – Part Five

Sally took longer than she needed to pour the coffee. I’m sure glad everyone could gather at their usual breakfast spot as if nothing had happened. Assholes. In my present state, I felt like someone made me suck on an exhaust pipe all night long. And my brother Dan, the weatherman, was dead. Not that anyone around here seemed to care that he lay below them in the basement.

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