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Reading: A Gift of the Magi

We give gifts to others to recognize our love for them and a wish to give them something nice. Sometimes we give gifts of ourselves to show them we love them beyond measure and wish to give them everything. In 2009, I recorded this story by O. Henry of a couple of young people who gave away the things they held most dear to make the person they loved feel special. This Christmas, I wish…

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My Craft On Writing Process

Three Ways to Use Words to Grab Attention and Make Your Story Stand Out

We all want to reach readers, influence others, and become known for impactful writing. We write our stories and blog posts with these goals in mind. Writers often write to roll off words for ourselves. But, the things we want people to read come from our heart and our intended to touch the reader.

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My Craft Stories

Prairie Dog Town – Prompt: hill of prairie dogs

Incessant.Yip, Yap, Yip, Yip, Yap, Yip.Such a loud bark for such a little dog. The town crier finished his speech and dove under flipping up dirt with his tail. He popped back again for another retort. Yip, Yip, Yip. I had been warned. The small hill of prairie dogs spread out over two acres in the middle of town walled off from the children climbing on the stonewall. The dogs didn’t like visitors. Especially, ones…

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Serialized My Craft

Jake Rutledge and the Guy With Bad Timing (Fantasy Novelette): Jake Rutledge and the Guy With Bad Timing – Part Nine (Fantasy Novelette)

Trash and debris covered the floor leading to the lab. Nurses, guards, and other people covered in blood and gashes poured out of rooms lining the hall. We stumbled passed them and ran toward the center of destruction. We turned a corner. I noted a considerable rip running through the center of the lab like a giant claw hammer had torn through the building. Pieces of paper, debris, and insulation floated where the ceiling used…

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