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I started writing soon after I could write my name and the alphabet and after a few years of learning some words. But, essentially, I have been writing forever. I published a newspaper for my sisters and made them buy it for a nickle: lots of articles on how to be a better sister. And the weather; I like a good snowstorm.

fiction writer in las vegas

I rarely exceed 6,000 words in a story. I found it is easier than long fiction in that I can write a short story, very short fiction stories, or a bit of fluff a lot quicker. Some of my stories may end up longer. But so far, short is best.

With Scrivener, I am starting to see the power of the software for novel writing. We’ll see.

Of course, I want to write that novel and I have lots of ideas. I just don’t have a lot of stick-to-it-ness, and so I’m plugging away with nothing to show for my efforts. Yet.

fiction writer in las vegas

I did write a novella, so I guess I just need to expand my horizons a bit.

Long ago, I became a news anchor and wrote small, spiffy, stories around 70-words for a living and loved it. Then, I thought I should be a more serious writer and took a job as a science feature writer.

My editor thought I should deliver her at least 3,500 words. I sat at the computer for a long time trying to convince myself that jumping from 100 words to 3,500 words was a small leap.

Aged 23

And, that’s how I became an author.

I love pulp fiction; short stories of crime, hard-boiled detectives, science fiction, very short fiction stories, and westerns. Many of my stories have science fiction or fantastical events. I like surprise endings. I love Travis McGee. You will find a lot of these elements showing up as I continue to write for this website.

I have books for sale on Amazon, including Cindy’s Sin. I also wrote a serial about a roustabout handyman published on Wattpad.

I am a fiction writer in Las Vegas. You can find me here on this website, and on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube. Drop me an email at or tweet me at @wordsmithholler.

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