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Michael Shawn Sommermeyer, author of short story and new pulp fiction.

Very Short Story
I Write Short Fiction
I rarely exceed 6,000 words in a story. I found it is easier than long fiction in that I can write a short story or a bit of fluff a lot quicker. Some of my stories may end up longer. But so far, short is best.
Exploring Ideas
New ideas are generated here under Scribbles, and sometimes I’ll hear something funny, which ends up as a Conversation. Other times, I will just share an idea. Most of my short storiesvery short stories, and novellas can be found under My Craft.

Latest Writings

Are you dead? It seems so because I have written nothing random in a few months. It feels longer. Anyway, someone on Medium suggested I…
Trash and debris covered the floor leading to the lab. Nurses, guards, and other people covered in blood and gashes poured out of rooms lining…
Waslken pointed the pod toward a bright spot on the blue marble and rode the adrenaline rush as the planet’s atmosphere burned off bumpy mollusks…

Now Available

Jake Rutledge and the Guy with Bad Timing begins the adventure of a drifter handyman, a flag-burning scientist, weaponized weather, and what happens when a guy just wants to make a little money for whiskey and dinner.

“A small place always needs a guy willing to do the stuff no one else will do, and well, I am that guy. My name is Jake Rutledge and I am a handyman.”



In Cindy’s Sin, our heroine Cindy Lash encounters danger the moment she arrives in Las Vegas to avenge the death of her father Tommy. But getting revenge will take a bit of luck, magic, and street smarts. Plunged into a frantic chase to find the killer, Cindy sinks into a nightmare of murder and corrupt greed. She lacks street smarts, but luck may turn out to be her best asset.

In Paperback and Kindle.

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