March 16, 2017 Scribble

A chance┬áto bleed. I spent the morning re-writing explanations of my writing tools so they would make more sense. I actually found a few ideas I had forgotten such as planning climaxes and struggles. I think most of these things are apparent, for instance, you tend to see them pop up. But that is the pantser in me; plotters get ahead faster. I used to be just a pantser because it fit better with my…

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Moments Before the Ambulance Arrives

A Conversation “We found him out here just laying on the sidewalk? “Nude?” “Yep. He looked dead.” “And then he jumped up?” “Yeah. Jumped off and started yelling.” “All that stuff about ‘do you know who I am?’ and “you should listen’? “I think he must have been a big shot once. I don’t think he is anymore.” “He ran for awhile and then collapsed?” “Strangest thing; seemed to run out of energy. He ran around, bumped…

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