My Craft Poetry

The Roamer

The young lass Weathersby,Reared a rake lecherThe boy gained infamy,As a cruel corrupter Each conniving victory,Sent his renown farther‘Til the repeated story,Hit the ears of a roamer She vowed utter destruction,To get his goat superblyLeaving the boy’s seduction,An act even he would decry Not knowing the strategy,The boy pursued her ardorShe paid him in agonyBy ignoring his marker Dauntless he went unshrinking,To try a second enthrallAnd a third, fourth gallantlyYet all failed to bethrall How…

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Author Readings My Craft

Author Reading: Poetry

I started writing poetry as a cheat of sorts; I could write a compact story very quickly. My sister Debbie is the poet in the family. I do my best. She writes beautiful, heartfelt prose that makes you think. She was the one that explained Robert Frost’s “Two Roads” poem to me so that I understood it was about his decision not to go to war. I thought it had to do with walking in…

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