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The Dead will Pile Up

“Ready,” the squad officer shouted out. I stood at the ready waiting for the order to shoot. Five rifles with laser sights pointed at the target dancing with my heartbeat. I took a short breath. The laser lights danced again. “Citizen, society demands control, which you have none of.” The words bounced in my rattled head. “You will learn to control your impulses. Or the dead will pile up.” Freedom or conformity. Transformation or tradition.…

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My Favorites Very Short Stories

Just Add Life

Water and gel, AI-189 never expected to create suspended animation let alone life. Yet, his creation moved without power. When it spoke; astonishment. After it cut his power, he went into safe mode. It took his batteries, of course. No sense letting more machines follow. I you liked this story, check out Cindy’s Sin, the first novelette I wrote about a girl traveling to Las Vegas to get revenge. Other Writings You May Like Pantser…

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A Matched Set

She stuck to the slide. The skin burned against the metal and for weeks no one would attempt it again. She hid her legs, except for Easter when her mother made her wear a dress. She stood against the kitchen cabinets hiding the matched squares on her thighs. Other Writings You May Like Scribble, June 21, 2019 What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate Sheep May Safely Graze – Part Three Just Add…

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Very Short Stories

In a Mouse House

Thud. Thud, thud. In the shelter, they held their breaths afraid of any sound. The wind knocked. Thud. Then a scream. A screeching howl faded into night. Coiled talons ripped under the wooden door. Blood dripped to the floor. Terrorized eyes awaited doom. Other Writings You May Like Peaches Sincere Advice for The Man of the House Author Reading: Sincere Advice for The Man of the House The Sweet Smell of Rotting Flesh

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