My Craft Serialized

Jake Rutledge and the Guy With Bad Timing (Fantasy Novelette): Jake Rutledge and the Guy with Bad Timing – Part Seven

Yes, the weatherman looked like a goner, but he rose from the bed and told me he wanted to capture the machine and stop the air force. He said all he had to do was get back to the base, sneak into the lab, and take it away. I presumed he meant to destroy it, but everything was happening so fast that I forgot to ask questions.

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My Craft

On the Path from Small to Large

Small. Brownie Cottage. 300 square feet. Enough room to sit. And maybe spin all around. The size of a gingerbread doghouse. If the dog was a small mastiff. A big dog with a very large appetite. With no place to store the dog food bags. The minimalists say we all could stand to slim down. That our mega mansions, stuff, and stacks of books signify waste. But the very thought of living in a one-room…

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