You’re a Writer, Right?

A Conversation

“So you’re a writer?”

“Yes, I guess I’ve been doing this for going on 23 years.”

“How come I haven’t read any of your stuff?”

“Hum, you might have seen my technology articles. I had a press release practically reprinted in the newspaper last week.”

“So you’re name wasn’t on it.”

“Well, not on that one. But my name was in High Technology Careers. I wrote an¬†article about Microsoft and the Art of War.”

“Never heard of it. What I’m hearing is you’re really not a writer, right?”

“No,¬†that’s not true. I may not be as well-known as James Patterson, but I am a writer.”

“I haven’t heard of him either.”


© 2015 – 2017, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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