Flash Fiction

Wild Thing

This story is another bit of flash fiction writing. More flash fiction stories can be found here.

Wild Thing. You make my heart sing, the crowd on the stands chanted along with the music coming from the baseball announcer stand. The player, Wang Xiu Ying, looked nothing like the character played by Charlie Sheen in the movie. He was taller, had a buzz cut, and resembled tall composure compared to the underachiever Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

Xiu Ying settled in for the pitch knocking the fast ball far to left field. A foul. The player, by now comfortable in the American stadium, spit out a long stream of spit. He set up again and waited for the pitcher.

A curve ball slid to the right. The tall batter reached a bit to strike the ball dead center. It curved up over the shortstop and aimed for the center field fence. The outfielder ran back and dove up as the ball sailed over into the crowd, which rushed to find the ball.

Xiu Ying rounded the bases as the speakers rang out Wild Thing. You make my heart sing.

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