The Stitches Fly on the Hook

Two hooks, and purple yarn
Start of a stitch, then a row
A clumsy dance rocking stitches forward.

A cat grabs at the ball
Drawing yarn to the fireplace
The ball bounces near the flame

Pitch sputters and spits on the cat
A harsh meow and scamper away
Stitches pause, then roll down the line.

A block of triple crochet
Stitches and fastening off.
A twist around and stitching together.

Bald spot welcomes the cold
A beanie spun from purple yarn
Fluffed barrier for winter days.

Crochet stitches began again
A sweater perhaps made of yellow
A clumsy dance rocks the stitches forward.

The stitches fly on the hook.

© 2019, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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