My Craft Very Short Stories

The Getaway Driver – Prompt: awry

To say things went awry would be kind. On the first job as the driver, traffic held up the car by 10 minutes, a seeming run on the bank blocked the alley, and of course, the gang was miffed. Bad start to his new career. He drove around the block twice until the alley opened up and he parked behind a truck. Then a truck parked behind him blocking the car between the trucks. He inched forward and backward with no use. The car was not getting anywhere fast.

The gang ran out the back and rushed the car attempting to open the trunk, which was smack against the engine grate and not budging. Everyone dove into the car and waved to go. Except, the car was blocked in by two trucks and not going anywhere.

They sat in silence. The driver tried a furtive attempt at moving the car. Not going to happen.

When the cops rushed out of the bank, the gang was sitting in the car waiting patiently.

The driver was dead.

© 2019, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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