March 15, 2017 Scribble

I spent twenty minutes holding my head to the right as a doctor went in again for my fourth thyroid biopsy. “Boy this is really deep,” he said. “Yep, maybe you’ll be the guy,” I said. It is clear with have a nodule or two. We don’t clearly know if it is cancer. “At least if it is cancer, this is the best one to get,” said my endocrinologist. “It takes so long to grow.” Comforting.…

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Moments Before the Ambulance Arrives

A Conversation “We found him out here just laying on the sidewalk? “Nude?” “Yep. He looked dead.” “And then he jumped up?” “Yeah. Jumped off and started yelling.” “All that stuff about ‘do you know who I am?’ and “you should listen’? “I think he must have been a big shot once. I don’t think he is anymore.” “He ran for awhile and then collapsed?” “Strangest thing; seemed to run out of energy. He ran around, bumped…

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