Very Short Stories

Just Add Life

Water and gel, AI-189 never expected to create suspended animation let alone life. Yet, his creation moved without power. When it spoke; astonishment. After it cut his power, he went into safe mode. It took his batteries, of course. No sense letting more machines follow. Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment? Other Writings You May Like Plan for World Domination The Only Time He Listened A Matched Set An Accidental Life

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Stories Very Short Stories

A Matched Set

She stuck to the slide. The skin burned against the metal and for weeks no one would attempt it again. She hid her legs, except for Easter when her mother made her wear a dress. She stood against the kitchen cabinets hiding the matched squares on her thighs. Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment? Other Writings You May Like Cindy’s Sin Greyhound Arriving : Chapter 3 A Simple Mistake That’s a Wrap

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A Day of Rest

Day 131: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday – Prompt: solitude Prompt by @mariannewest. Words by @wordymouth. She walked passing only a few other couples on their way down. She smiled, waved, and appropriately nodded. Not too bad for a Tuesday. There could be more people on the trail. In the canopy, the limbs bustled together in a shallow breeze. At her level, the ground, rocks, and ferns stayed perfectly still. Everything was so green. She listened for…

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