Flash Fiction

Standing in the Rain, Hammer in Hand, With Murder on my Mind

Honestly, I never imagined he would take me up on my offer. I mean it is preposterous, but here I am standing outside an apartment in the rain and holding a hammer. I grabbed the first one I could find and sizing it up I think it may have been too much hammer for me. Strangely, the head has ridges, and it weighs a ton. I took the biggest one from my dad’s collection. I suppose, I have no one to blame.

As for placing myself in this position, I guess I am to blame. He seemed so upset and I being the funny guy said “I can kill him for you.” It was a flippant remark to break the tension. He immediately said yes and told me how to find the guy.

Sure, I could have walked, but it’s kind of like when your friend doubles down and dares you to put your tongue on a frozen pipe. You can’t back away. You’ve got to go through with it.

So, I stood out in the rain and tried to see the top window where the guy was sleeping. And that’s how you found me officer.

Standing in the rain, holding this hammer, with murder on my mind.

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