Scribble, May 16, 2017

I toured the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum and left thinking Poe hit his head a lot and this caused melancholia and stress. Seriously, if a guy standing 5’10” fails to avoid the door head, and then hits his own head, I must surmise The Raven came out of this constant impact on Poe’s noggin. And let’s not forget the stairs; narrower, and narrower, they squeezed as I climbed close enough to hear my heartbeat. I enjoyed myself.


My wanderings through Washington, D.C. also took my to the Library of Congress where I received a library card. This probably was the best souvenir of the trip. I can now wander around the stacks and read books from the library’s shelves.


I worked out some plotting for my short story, He Speaks in Moonlight, which was a good thing. I also thought about The Farmer’s Cop, even figuring out how to move the setting away from downtown Los Angeles.


I returned to a water bottle smelling much like dirty sweat socks.


A Onesignal popped up telling me the God’s Particle probably isn’t what I think it is. Must click on link!


Interesting. So, in all fairness the teaser caused me to ponder the beginning of the universe and I figured the article would tell me where to find God. Fire up the rocket ship; we’re headed for the Eagle Nebula! The article ended up telling me the mass of an electron is the interaction between an electron and the Higgs boson field. All this time I thought the Higgs boson created mass. Good thing I clicked. (Hat tip to the tease writer).



A group of hackers in Kuala Lumpur continue to try to breach the firewall using weird logins. They clearly misplaced the memo on how to make money hacking websites. (This will probably spur them on.) Anyway, I keep blocking them in the hopes they will run out of IP numbers. If this website becomes a black screen with a red skull and crossbones, call Elliot Alderson.



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