Scribble – June 26, 2019

The Scribble Gremlin does not shut my website down until I am preparing to write. If I hit, New Post, it always takes me to a 503 Error when I’m ready to hit my stride.

Okay, It almost never happens unless I attempt to sit down and write. Or maybe, I’m just sensitive.


I took a walk today in the 105-degree afternoon with my handy portable water sprayer. I walked fast and yet still sprayed my face until all the water evaporated before I returned to my desk. I may need a side bottle. Or, be lazy and wait until it’s only 90-degrees outside.

Many people hanging out at the Silver and Gold Pawn Shop. Chumlee must have been in the house.


I fell into an old habit again and started telling rather than showing. I wandered around giving the backstory until I realized even I found this story boring. Always get right to the action!

What would you rather read? Multiple paragraphs about why the main character summered in a particular place, enjoys cold iced tea, sometimes fishes, and oh, the sunsets sure are pretty this time of year. Or, would you rather the main character stick his hand into the rotting chest of a dead person?

Just what I thought. The struggle is real folks. Real.


I finished the first season of True Detective last night. An excellent example of having a theme and returning to it at the end. Great writing. Why did it take so long? There is only so much time in the evening and that is taken up by Lucifer (the show on Netflix).


Found my old records hiding in a closet. Currently listening to Trick Pony, Nanci Griffith, and The Desert Rose Band.


Off to write and design the July Employee Newsletter.

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2 thoughts on “Scribble – June 26, 2019”

  1. Sounds like it’s about as hot as in my neck o’ the woods, Bakersfield, Ca. I enjoyed your Scribble. I asked you before, where did you get the pop-up reminder that you had a Scribble? I was in my emails, doing some scanning, when outta the blue it popped up on the right. Pretty nifty, no?

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