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Save a Tree, You Know

A Conversation

“WouldyouliketobuyamagazinesubscriptionsoIcangoto football camp?

“Slow down. What are you doing?”

“Selling magazines to go to camp.”

“What camp?”

“Football camp. I can go to football camp and get this cool radio if I sell enough subscriptions.”

“I played football as a kid. We would just play in the mud.”

“I don’t like mud.”

[bctt tweet=”I don’t like mud.”]

“Mud makes football. You have to become one with the field.”

“We have a lot of different magazines; cooking, outdoors, home improvement. That sort of thing.”

“And how does this help you at football camp?”

“I earn points for my jersey. And I can get this cool radio.”

“You really want the radio, huh?”

“Yeah, it can be wound up in an emergency.”

“Here’s twenty bucks. Go buy the radio.”

“Don’t you want a magazine?”

“No. Save a tree, you know.”

© 2018, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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