Put It Into In Box C

A Conversation

“Place your written application into In Box C.”


“Yes, C.”

“There doesn’t seem to be an In Box C.”

“Why that’s odd. It was just there.”

“Do you have a suggestion?”

“Yes, find the in box.”

“Okay, but there doesn’t seem to be an in box labeled C.”

“It’s with every in box over there.”

“Over here?”


“I still don’t see it.”

“Our distinct process for handling those applications has always been to drop it into In Box C.”

“Okay, I’ll follow it once I find the correct in box.”

“Place it into In Box C and you can then go.”

“Would it be okay to use In Box B?”

“Only if you want it lost.”

“The in box or my application?”

“Why, your application, of course. Why would we lose In Box B?”

“It seems like it’s a fairly common problem.”

© 2018 – 2019, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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