March 6, 2017 Scribble

You can read this if you wish although it consists of thoughts and fragments as I attempt to free write 750 words every day. Some of this may end up in a Story or a Conversation. Anyway, this is how one learn and shapes up The Craft.

For years I have created puns without knowing it. Someone would say something, I would reply, and then everyone would start laughing. I struggled to figure out why they laughed. Later, sometimes the next day, I would realize the joke and laugh too.

It happened again this weekend. A friend, a funny writer who moved to San Diego, has been looking for a job. He posted a job opportunity for a dog walker. Then the next day he posted, “Dear dog: I took you out for a pee and a shit, not a hunting trip. You asshole.” Backstory: he walks the family dachshund and apparently it wasn’t in the mood. So I wrote in reply, “I’m guessing that dog-walking opportunity is a no go.”

Everyone thought that was pretty funny. I didn’t see the humor until later, and then laughed.

Do you think my muse just pops these things in my head for her own amusement?

(Kevin Marti)

Speaking of Facebook, last week another friend posted a story about a car buff finding the missing “Bullitt” Mustang in Mexico. This is a car that supposedly was destroyed never to be seen again. A second “Bullitt” Mustang was sold and is locked away in a Kentucky garage. But the second one was lost. Until now.

For everyone under 40, “Bullitt” is a high-action chase movie staring Steve McQueen. Before there was a British director by the name of Steve McQueen, there was an American actor who starred in many iconic films by the name of Steve McQueen who died much too soon from lung cancer. The movie “Bullitt” was made by the actor Steve McQueen and the film was made by McQueen’s Solar Productions company, so he was producer.

Anyway, the car found in a Mexican junkyard has been authenticated as the “Bullitt” car. Fifty years later the Mustang was just sitting in a junk pile waiting for someone to save it.

I own the movie on Blu-Ray and really wanted one of those cars. Ford plans another replica next year. Maybe I can have another mid-life crisis?

I sorted all of my internet bookmarks into categories. Funny what one saves. All sorts of links and advice on how to be a better writer, sell a story, or edit. Also a whole gaggle of links on how to be a voice actor. Writing and voice acting, are two subjects I must admit are high interests. I also have a whole section on espionage, cattle rustling, and crisis communication. Going forward I need to remember to sort them. Otherwise, I’ll have another day of sorting.

I heard someone say “a flag will fly at half-mast” again today. Flags do not fly on ship masts. The proper phrase is “a flag will fly at half-staff.” A common mistake, but why?

I’m re-reading The 48 Laws of Power. This book is like the road map to figuring out how to act or react in any situation. In fact, I think this one book should be taught in grade-school in lieu of history. I bring it up because I am trying to figure out the hidden strategy behind President Donald J. Trump’s tweets. Many of my friends will just say it is because he is crazy. But I think there has to be a method to the madness.

He could be using Law 17: Keep others in suspended terror: Cultivate an air of unpredictability. Some of those Tweets fall into this category.

Or, Law 21: Play a sucker to catch a sucker – seem dumber than your mark. For all of my friends who think he is stupid. Is he really?

Or, Law 37: Create compelling spectacles. P.T. Barnum knew this trick and I’m sure our President knows this trick too.

Or, Law 39: Stir up waters to catch fish. No explanation needed.

Seriously, strategy is very important in life as in chess: You have to master the law of timing (Law 35)If you only read one book, make it this one. It contains so much wisdom of people obeying and disobeying the laws of power that you could re-read it forever and always learn something new.

To end today’s 750-words, a mailman in Minnesota was arrested for having sex with a “friendly dog” on his route. He has been charged with bestiality, which is a misdemeanor, and burglary, which is a felony, for sneaking into a patrons garage to have sex with the dog. Besides the gross factor, you would think he would be charged with more than just a misdemeanor. But as someone reminded me, having sex with a pet is legal in some states.

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  1. You just followed me on Medium. I subscribed to your newsletter because something resonated with your request. I subscribe to far too many newsletters, so like the alcoholic in denial, I’m cutting back. Anyway, I enjoy the layout of your website: your ‘Scribbles and Conversations,’ particularly this one. So I suppose I’ll keep reading them as they come out … and if you have the same luck as I have with my own blog, I’ll probably be the only one to comment. (I have two people who are regular readers of my blog posts and commenters. )

    Your credentials, by the way, wow me! Either you were incredibly self-directed, or you fell into the right groove initially, and had the good sense to stay there. At any rate, I do like what you’re doing here for the fun of it, and it’s nice to add you as my writing friend.


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