Knight Approaches Softly


Sweet petals tossed on the marble

Broken and torn, they belie gentle dreams

Of failed promise and changed circumstance,

The affronted deems


A vase lies shattered, broken, and cracked

A rose flows outward,

Its leaves bleed red

Thorns of deceit, the relationship dead


St. Valentine’s knight bends prostrate to reach

He seeks to recover the spilled flower breach

Smoothing each petal by positioning each flower


Gently arranges each stem to lighten the anger

Erasing the tautness and softening the mood

A song of tenderness gifted,

A faith in affection renewed


A flourish, a gesture,

A new paramour’s kiss

Sweet release and dark pleasure,

Our lovers reminisce

Copyright 2015, Michael S. Sommermeyer. All Rights Reserved.

© 2015 – 2018, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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