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Info Book Marketing and Promotion Tips

Info Book Marketing
The $1,000 Money Trick was my first book on Amazon.

I have self-published three information books on Amazon. If only I had thought about info book marketing first. My self-publishing adventure has taught me quite a few things about marketing my books. Honestly, the publishing process is easy. The marketing and promotion takes the most work.

Lessons Learned:

  • Plan Info Book Marketing and Promotion as you write
  • Think about the audience
  • Write it and they will come doesn’t work

Plan Info Book Marketing and Promotion as you write

Honestly, this step is often intuitive in many informational themed books. Clearly, if the subject matter didn’t appeal to someone, then the book would never sell and it shouldn’t be written. However, your idea of a good book subject is often off the mark. Just because you are very interested in train crossing signals doesn’t mean the whole world is waiting for a book on the subject.

  • Where is the audience?
  • How will you reach them?
  • What tools will you use?
  • How can you find a specific audience?

Think about the audience

Begin now to think about how you will market the book. This means you have to look for subjects an audience wants to read. Think about your audience. Research their interests. Look for narrow subjects. Focus in on their needs.

Some topics that never fail:

  • Money – people need it and are always looking for it.
  • Happiness – when money fails to buy it, people start buying books hoping to find it.
  • Found Time – no one has enough time; it is the one thing you can’t make more of.
  • Stress Relief – follow a mother sometime who has three young kids and you will want a book on stress relief.

Write it and they will come doesn’t work

I must emphasize that just writing an info book and hoping for the best will not sell any copies. You have to think about where the audience is hiding and how you will reach them. Info Book Marketing and promotion takes the most time and effort for the individual considering self-publishing a book.

I will continue this series with more tips in the coming weeks.

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