I Wonder

At the moment, only my light switch in the bathroom comes to mind. Did I turn it off?

Which leads me to think about Switch, a super secret data farm in the desert hosting all the knowledge saved by some of the biggest data companies in the world. So big, Switch needs its own power grid.

Which leads my back to the light switch. Boy, I hope I turned that off. However, it powers LED lights so the cost of electricity should be nill.

Which leads my back to Switch and all the power those computers must need to keep cool and running. A friend took a tour inside and he said it was cleaner than my bathroom.

Which takes me back to the bathroom switch and, it’s no use thinking about it.

My friend said Switch is guarded by former Israeli Mossad officers who treat you like some sort of spy and make you submit to a hand search before you can go inside.

Which makes me wonder if they use switches to punish bad actors.

Which leads me to another story better told away from the kids.


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