Finding the Spark

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A short list of ways to find story ideas:

  • Be observant. Look around and wonder about the things you see. Think about why something is happening and what could happen.
  • Read. Find a book out of your usual comfort zone. Dig in and see what kinds of ideas come to mind. Consider how something might work in your story.
  • Listen. Be a people watcher and people listener. Eavesdrop on conversations. Think about how a conversation might fit in a story.
  • Current Events. Follow the news and find something that might make a story. Go beyond national headlines and look for unusual stories.
  • Use Prompts. Find a daily prompt to spark a story. Think about a word or a picture and make something out of it.
  • Just Type. Go nuts. Type anything that comes to mind. Let you subconscious talk to you. Some of it will spark an idea; much of it will go into the trash.
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