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Fall Back Before Sleep

The sun slowly filled the room with light. He stretched, yawned, and viewed the yard through the window. On the street young moms hugged their children and then sent them up the bus ramp. The bus ramp! No, no, no! He fumbled around for his glasses and grabbed his watch. He laid back on the pillow and vented. Overslept again!

Typically, the alarm went off before the sun rose over the mountain. Unless, the alarm failed to go off. Now was when he should be leaving the house. Now was not the time for a shower. He considered leaving without one then he remembered his big meeting. He would just have to be late.

The commute took longer than usual; one of the reasons he woke most mornings before the sun rose. Stop and start. He nearly sloshed his coffee when the car leading him stopped suddenly. Damn! He made the lot just in time to sprint to the office.

“Sorry, I’m late. Overslept,” he mumbled as he dove into his seat in the conference room. “No worries mate,” a voice from the videoconference interrupted his thoughts. “Time changed overnight. We still have an hour for the meeting.”


© 2018, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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