The Eternal Price of Liberty

A Conversation (Among Strangers on a Bus)

Voice One: “He shared secrets with the Russians!”

Voice Two: “Maybe he was trying to be frank.”

Voice One: “Or he’s a traitor in bed with Putin!”


Voice Three: “Over there is a statue of Lafayette.”

Voice Four: “He believed in the cause of liberty.”


Voice Two: “Radical factions ordered his arrest.”

Voice One: “If I’m considered a radical, so be it. They should arrest Trump!”

Voice Two: “No, Lafayette was arrested. Napoleon secured his release.”

Voice One: “Another dictator helping another.”


Voice Four: “I think you’re confusing the past with the present.”

Voice One: “Shut up! If you’re against liberty, then I don’t want to hear it.”


Voice Three: “Look there’s the White House.”

Voice One: “Probably already sold it.”

Voice Four: “Let’s go take a look before its gone.”

Voice Two: “The price of liberty requires eternal vigilance.”

© 2017, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “The Eternal Price of Liberty”

  1. I found the dialogue engaging and the setting unique. You touched on a variety of issues, and escalated things quickly using a cross section of voices. I think it was is quite apropos for the story to happen on a tour bus near the nation’s seat of power. It is set with a group of people on a tour bus, right?

    1. Yes, I recently rode up top on a tour bus in Washington, DC. I like listening in to people and there was a lot of conversations. One had to do with Lafayette and the founders’s debate over liberty. Then yesterday, I read how the President had met with the Russians. The two sides of the coin seemed appropriate for a conversation.

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