Characters Tall Tales of Sin

Cindy Lash, A Tall Tale of Sin

Story: A Tall Tale of Sin
Character: Cindy Lash, Protagonist

Cindy Lash grew up in Utah, the daughter of a Mormon woman named Miss Lucy and a gambler man named Dillon. As the product of a socially-mixed marriage, Cindy carries an innocence of living a sheltered life. Or does she? Deep down she has the heart and soul of a gambler and this corruptible side fuels her passions.

Between the years of 8 and 10, Cindy traveled around with her daddy frequenting the gambling halls, flop houses, and alleys of Las Vegas. Dillon Lash showed her a few grifter tricks, card tricks, and just about all the other tricks except prostitution. This high-flying life was exciting and Cindy took care of her dad like a daughter and mom. It all came to an end when her daddy was killed in front of her by a man named Barstow Mike over gambling debts. The death was a traumatic shock and Cindy was sent back to Ogden, Utah to be with her mom. Cindy’s mother, Miss Lucy, took care of her, coddled her, and ensured Cindy would never see any harm.

For the most part, Cindy stayed out of trouble, although occasionally she would use a few tricks and charms to get her way or to get out of a jam. While I’m no expert on grifters, suffice it that Cindy knows how to get one over on you.

Once she had settled down in Ogden, Cindy decided she would find a way to exact revenge on Barstow Mike. She didn’t really know how, but she pondered the thought daily and soon a plan too shape. She would not only kill Barstow Mike, but she would take him for everything he had before she obtained her revenge.

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