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Cindy’s Sin Kindle E-Book

That’s right, you heard it first folks, my premier novella on Kindle Cindy’s Sin, and my first foray into self-publishing, is now a download on Kindle. I just ask for a review if you enjoyed it, and a review if you found it lacking. Review help me improve. So, pile on! Other Writings You May Like Improving Your Chances of Receiving an Honest Book Review I Wander Away, Ebook on Kindle 7 Ways to Market…

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Tall Tales of Sin

A Tall Tale of Sin: Greyhound Arriving

I work downtown Las Vegas. For all of the glitz and wild scenes on Fremont Street, what is often overlooked is this town is a business. And that means for every cup tossed on the ground someone has to come along and pick it up. While the entire street is a stage, it still needs to rest, if only for a few hours between parties. I’m also fascinated with neon and what it means. Las…

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Characters Tall Tales of Sin

Cindy Lash, A Tall Tale of Sin

Story: A Tall Tale of Sin Character: Cindy Lash, Protagonist Cindy Lash grew up in Utah, the daughter of a Mormon woman named Miss Lucy and a gambler man named Dillon. As the product of a socially-mixed marriage, Cindy carries an innocence of living a sheltered life. Or does she? Deep down she has the heart and soul of a gambler and this corruptible side fuels her passions. Other Writings You May Like A Tall…

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