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Bunny The Kid

Let me tell you the tale of Bunny The Kid
And one of the dastardly things she did
Down in New Mexico long, long ago
Her bladder was full; she thought it would flow.

Flying down the highway between Clovis and Taiban
The kids were screaming; she had all that she can
Her middle twitched suddenly; it nearly let go
She punched down harder; the car was too slow.

She made it as far as Taiban, she did
In the rearview mirror, she saw Katie kid
Covered in chocolate, from her rear to her head
“Just what I needed,” Bunny’s heart filled with dread.

The tight twitching pain rumbled in harder
She swore it felt like painful disorder
The car now whistled in the nighttime with speed
It seemed like the entire world would entirely recede.

The lights of Fort Sumner rose over the basin
Her prayers to relieve herself not forsaken
But she was going too fast, never saw the speed sign
Flew past a cop; went over the foul line.

He stopped her for going seventy in a forty
The kids worried their mommy had been slightly naughty
She fidgeted and squirmed; she drank too much DP
No time for the cop, Bunny wanted to go potty.

He wrote her a ticket and went on to proceed
To lecture poor Bunny over her deadly deed
She snatched it away with tears in her eyes
“I’ve got to go man, or you’ll soon get a surprise.”

She rolled into Allsup’s, crying the whole way
And ran past the cashier, nothing much to say
The bowl felt cool; Bunny felt bliss
Meanwhile, Katie ate the last chocolate Kiss.

Bunny left the bathroom, no reason to run
Grabbing bean burritos as hot as the sun
She climbed in the driver’s seat shouting over the din
“Eat those burritos and no complainin’.”

Seven years went by, and Bunny refused to draw
In the badlands of New Mexico, afraid of the law
Left the driving to others, happy as a clam
To watch the blurred desert and not give a damn.

When driving in New Mexico, remember this rule
Think back to young Bunny; don’t be a fool
When filling your cup in the Muleshoe Dr Pepper aisle
There’s not another bathroom for at least ninety miles.

© 2019, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

1 thought on “Bunny The Kid”

  1. Hilarious! Made me laugh. In your writing the story vividly plays out. We have all been there in some version.

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