Book Review: Snake Eyes

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Fans of Teddy Roosevelt and Crime Fiction will love Snake Eyes

Author B.E. Boldman draws readers into the dusty hardscrabble world of the men who volunteer to join Teddy Roosevelt on his adventure to Cuba as Rough Riders. The men are earnest, hardworking, accomplished, and the the unfortunate prey of a serial killer who silently kills the weakest among them.

The troopers assemble as eager volunteers and offer their trust to their new companions. However, one of them is a murderer and takes quite a bit of pleasure in the killing.

I loved this book! The romance of the cowboy, and in particular the Spanish-American War, immediately caught my interest. And I was thrown for a loop when these soldiers become frightened prey for the killer. And what a killer! He takes pleasure in his work and believes he is working in the service of Mr. Roosevelt.

This is a fine read combining early American history with a mystery and I highly recommend it.

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