Barney Finds a Bone

A Conversation

“What’a got in your mouth?”

“Some rubber bone with soft spongy pillows for my teeth.”

“I can see you’ve about gnawed through the side there.”

“Yep. These pillows feel good after chewing through that plastic.”

“What’s that square thing?”

“You mean this?”

“Yeah. The block with wires sticking out of it.”

“Let me bite down on it.”


“Woo zee, that smarts.”

“What happened?”

“Got a bee sting in my mouth.”

“It was full of bees?”

“No. It felt like my collar does when I howl at the neighbors. Woo zee.”

“Maybe you should chew on a different part.”

“Good plan.” (The television turns on.)

“Oh, you made the magic box talk.”

“Huh. This thing must control the people in the box.”

“Try to turn it off.” (Turns up the volume instead.)

“Ow. It makes my ears hurt. Turn it off.”

“This thing is dangerous. It summons those scary people in the box. And it stings.”

“Probably a bad thing. We should bury it.”

(Later on …)

“I do not understand. I swear I put the remote right here.”

“Well, walk over there and turn it on. I want to see my show.”

© 2018 – 2019, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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