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I created this blog/workspace to give me the freedom to keep up with projects and to stop filing things in a drawer or in the cloud where they are lost (some of this should likely be lost, but you can be the judge). Of course, the purpose of this site may change. For now, here are some of the most common questions and my answers:

1. Why didn’t you just keep writing hidden from the rest of us?

Somebody said that if you want to be a real writer you have to put it out there for others to read. I heard of a guy who wrote more than 20 novels and never showed them to anyone. They were all neatly stacked in manuscript boxes for his wife to toss out when he died. Who knows if any of them were any good; nobody read them. I may bore you, make you laugh at my simplicity, but you will have had an opportunity to read my writing.

2. So, you’re not going away?

No, unless I get bored. I have a terrible habit of moving to the next shiny object. This also is an attempt to focus and finish projects. Hopefully, this writing space and readers will keep me on task.

3. Weren’t you told you would never be a writer? What changed?

I honestly was told by my sophomore English teacher to go find something else to do that didn’t involve writing. I hope she was just having a bad day. Despite all of her advice, I have never stopped writing in one form or another. Just like I never ever shut the hell up. But that is another topic. Writing just seems to be a natural fit. I never seem to struggle with writing words. Editing them is another struggle, but writing, just flows. So, to answer your question, I like writing whether it is technical, public relations, or scientific. Fiction has been something I have tended to do less of, and this is an opportunity to strengthen those writing skills.

4. I get the impression you hope to teach something. What are your plans and how are you qualified?

I have probably well over 75 writing books in my library. If you consider I only retained roughly one percent from each, I likely have 75 ideas I can share. That should keep my busy for a while. Actually, it helps me to try out an idea and then share where it came from. So if I remember something, I figure, I should share it. Also, if I play my cards right, more people will weigh in and share something they learned that improves on my idea. It’s a win-win in my book. I do plan to discuss a technique or a strategy and then provide an example. Hopefully, this will help others as they practice their craft.

5. So it looks like I’m the only person who has found this site. Why are you so anonymous?

I am working on that. Wordsmith Holler is a place just like so many others on the map. I am a Las Vegas writer and some folks accidentally get dropped off here and others make an effort to find the place. I have to do all of that SEO whatcha-ma-jiggery stuff and build some links. I figure over time others will find it and if they like something they’ll pass it on. Plus, there’s the lemonade and the cookies that should eventually draw them in. You’ll find them too, if you just keep looking.

6. Are you available to speak or teach?

I speak to groups quite a bit about how to improve communication, customer service, build a reputation, and systems. When it comes right down to it, everything has a system, even writing. Writers have to consider all sorts of branding and reputation management these days, which definitely requires a plan. Plus, there’s the cool story about appearing on the Oprah Show, or pissing off a future President of the United States. I can fly across the country or sit in my office and Skype. Just let me know.

I’m sure the rest of you have questions too. Just drop me a line below and I’ll attempt to answer them for you. Also, join my newsletter.

I am a fiction writer in Las Vegas. You can find me here on this website, and on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube. Drop me an email at michael@wordsmithholler.com or tweet me at @wordsmithholler.

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