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A Cure for Diabetes

Thomas reached for the honey and then the cinnamon. Mary claimed combining the two would result in a diabetes cure. Anything to keep Mary happy. His scores slowly climbed up the scale based on the four recent blood tests. It almost became a given: his sugar scores would go up and he would be that much closer to taking insulin. Oh, his kidneys now excreted protein. When does this disease take over and I can die?

He dabbed the honey-cinnamon on his toast. Another thing he wasn’t supposed to eat. But he liked the toast with his morning coffee. Might as well enjoy myself If I’m going to die anyway. He took a bite and then washed it with the black coffee. At least he had left out the sugar and cream. Black coffee really doesn’t taste very good.

He picked up the newspaper and turned to the second section to find a full-page ad for a diabetes clinic. Maybe he should take a look. He took another bite of his cinnamon toast and turned the page.

Image: Wikimedia

© 2018, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

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