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Three Ways to Use Words to Grab Attention and Make Your Story Stand Out

We all want to reach readers, influence others, and become known for impactful writing. We write our stories and blog posts with these goals in mind. Writers often write to roll off words for ourselves. But, the things we want people to read come from our heart and our intended to touch the reader.

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My Craft Stories

Prairie Dog Town – Prompt: hill of prairie dogs

Incessant.Yip, Yap, Yip, Yip, Yap, Yip.Such a loud bark for such a little dog. The town crier finished his speech and dove under flipping up dirt with his tail. He popped back again for another retort. Yip, Yip, Yip. I had been warned. The small hill of prairie dogs spread out over two acres in the middle of town walled off from the children climbing on the stonewall. The dogs didn’t like visitors. Especially, ones…

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Flash Fiction

Standing in the Rain, Hammer in Hand, With Murder on my Mind

Honestly, I never imagined he would take me up on my offer. I mean it is preposterous, but here I am standing outside an apartment in the rain and holding a hammer. I grabbed the first one I could find and sizing it up I think it may have been too much hammer for me. Strangely, the head has ridges, and it weighs a ton. I took the biggest one from my dad’s collection. I…

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On Writing Process

Planning, Plotting, and Creative Writing Fiction Tips

The mark of a professional writer, is they know the genre of their story and the arc it will take. At least that is what Shawn Coyne says in his book “The Story Grid.” Coyne probably knows something about this because as an editor he has looked at enough fiction to determine if it is a finished and publishable novel. He created the Story Grid as a way to weed out the scenes that just…

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