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Can You Hear Me Now, Hollywood?

A loud sneeze sent a nose full of snot onto the steering wheel and the windshield. James pushed the phone away from the explosion and the rain of mucus. “Are you gonna be all right?” Sally snickered through the phone. “Damn ragweed.” James looked around for a tissue. He also tried not to run his hand through the sticky mess on his steering wheel. “I’m blowing my nose or snorting up salt water.” He dug…

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On Writing

Edit and Repeat

All of the great writers say the real writing starts with the rewrite. Most of what I write comes out as first draft and I leave it alone; no sense in revisiting it. However… I want to get better and that means a rewrite is warranted. What you may notice is that some of my stories will appear again with redlines and edits. Finally, I will post the final draft. This blog was always going…

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