Scribble, May 1, 2017

Another rejection arrived in the email. Of course, writing is not something I jumped into because it would make me rich and famous. Well, perhaps famous. But I never had the idea my writing would generate an income. I write because I feel like it.


A Conversation

“I saw these buildings as more pumpkin-like.”

“They are orange.”

“Yes, but they are square. You called it the pumpkin patch.”

“Well, yeah.”

“I saw buildings a bit more rounded with green roofs.”

“True, they are not very pumpkin-like.”

“Then why call it the pumpkin patch?”

“So people know how to find us.”


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Michael Shawn Sommermeyer

Michael Shawn Sommermeyer writes fast fiction, observations, poetry, mysteries, fantasies, and science fiction. He focuses on oddities, unbelievable facts, strange phenomenon, discoveries, and the people who wander uneven worlds. He ponders the dreams of mythmakers and explores what the every person dreams about. He writes fiction for and has written scientific and technical writing for a number of magazines.

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