L.A. Needs the Water

A Conversation

“They¬†talked about the Owens Valley last night.”

“About the Alabama Gates shootout?”

“Missed that part.”

“Sort of a Bundy Seize around 1924.”

“A bunch of ranchers took over Alabama?”

“A bunch of Bishop ranchers kept Los Angeles from drinking Owens Valley water for nearly a week.”

“The old aqueduct?”

“It was new then. L.A. bought up the orchards and dried them out to send water south. The ranchers wanted the water back.”

“The place is a desert. I’m guessing the protest didn’t work out so well.”

“The ranchers lasted four¬†days. Newspapers all over the world talked about it. But it didn’t stop Los Angeles. It opened up the gates.”

“It all runs downhill.”

“Yeah, flush twice; L.A. needs the water.”


Alabama Gates

Courtesy: Loyola Marymount University Digital Collections

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