Just Take a Little Bite

A Conversation

“I picked it fresh myself.”

“It looks too red.”

“The best things often look better than they are.”

“And it seems a bit too shiny.”

“I polished it up.”

“Plus, a don’t see an apple tree around here.”

“I found it at the apple tree outside the church.”

“You were at church?”

“I made confessional.”

“And your swore off your sins?”

“Most of them. A few I kept to myself.”

“The priest let you do that?”

“He wasn’t there.”

“Had you say a few “hail Mary’s?”

“I have always found confessional a bit too predictable.”

“If the priest wasn’t there who did you talk to?

“I talked to myself.”

“That doesn’t seem like it helped much.”

“I forgave myself for all of the my past and future sins.”

“What could you possibly do later that would be a sin?”

“Take a bite of this apple and I’ll tell you all about it.”

© 2018, Michael Shawn Sommermeyer. All rights reserved.

Michael Shawn Sommermeyer

Michael Shawn Sommermeyer writes fast fiction, observations, poetry, mysteries, fantasies, and science fiction. He focuses on oddities, unbelievable facts, strange phenomenon, discoveries, and the people who wander uneven worlds. He ponders the dreams of mythmakers and explores what the every person dreams about. He writes fiction for http://wordsmithholler.com and has written scientific and technical writing for a number of magazines.

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