He Sees the Love in Her Warm Smiling Face

Riding behind in a long red wagon,
He sits, he smiles, plays with the air, he watches
Her ponytail bobbing in rhythm as she pulls
The red wagon up the road in the pines

They stop at a library, he toddles up
Children’s books about bunnies and ducks
He giggles and claps at the animal
Pictures while struggling to understand her;
He sees the love in her warm smiling face

She’s older now, she lies in a coma
Tubes and wires come out of her still body
In anguish he cries; does she feels pain?
He leans in to whisper the memory
Riding behind in a long red wagon
He sees the love in her warm smiling face.


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Michael Shawn Sommermeyer

Michael Shawn Sommermeyer writes fast fiction, observations, poetry, mysteries, fantasies, and science fiction. He focuses on oddities, unbelievable facts, strange phenomenon, discoveries, and the people who wander uneven worlds. He ponders the dreams of mythmakers and explores what the every person dreams about. He writes fiction for http://wordsmithholler.com and has written scientific and technical writing for a number of magazines.

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