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This week allow me to take you on a ride of the southwest and Mojave deserts with poetry collected from WordSmithHoller in my new poetry book Under the Lone Pine.

Under the Lone Pine is a poetry chapbook focused on the theme of finding lost people and dreams in the American Southwest. Each poem speaks to travelers seeking redemption, love, and happiness, while illustrating emotions, random thoughts, and dreams about people traveling through the desert.

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Selections from Under the Lone Pine

In the Mirage

A rodent’s fate demise
I ponder the tan path to the tragic end

In the mirage

A fan palm hides rock art mysteries
A spear thrown ripples past a prize
Landing short of red rock bloodshed

A hunter stands apart from his band;
Defiant brave friend
I sit alone too stoic on my perch of granite gneiss

In the mirage

The Moment a Heartbeat Shifts Trice

Snow dusting the crest of Mount Tom,
Patches of orange and brown balm,
Cold air smell of jet metal-cased gneiss,
The moment a heartbeat shifts trice.

Valley awaits the brewing storm,
Sunshine blocked behind veil swarm,
An aversion to inclement vice,
The moment a heartbeat shifts trice.

Wakan Tanka Waits For Me

Staring at the tapered top
Of the ceiling seeing stars
Aerial above the black desert night
Musing about ghostly riders
Traveling the mother road
We dream in deep sleep slumber.

Twilight Settled Around the Texas Spoon

Hammer man tuned the piano, sunlight gave way to moon
Barmaid dried the glasses, as twilight settled around the Texas Spoon

He tipped his hat back, swayed over the loam
The girl he knew would be home
With a shower, steak, eggs, coffee and biscuits
To sober him up for the next day of excess

The Gardener Longs for Spring 0


The gossip fails to interest him,
Real housewives provide no whim,
The endless chatter from the box,
Never topping spring equinox.

Transplanting flowers from the seed,
Small, pale, helpless leaves proceed
No April Showers, so May balks
Never topping spring equinox.

Finally, water pours over plant,
The pail neck leaks but a scant,
Of moisture fallen from shamrocks,
Never topping spring equinox.

Summer now, the garden delights,
Hummingbirds dab on nectar flights,
Still, he misses his garden smock,
Never topping spring equinox.

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Limericks for my Leprechauns 0

My mother’s family was from Ireland. Although I think she would have a cringed a bit at these limericks. Isn’t a Limerick supposed to be bad?



For My Girl From Texas

There once was a girl from Texas

Who often spoke fondly of her exes,

Tall ones and short ones

Cowboys and oil barons

Too bad they can’t all buy her a Lexus.


Mule Days

I spied an old mule in a field

Fighting a bee that wouldn’t yield

He bobbed left and right

Shaking with all of his might

If only he had a bee net to wield.

 Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh

St. Patrick’s Day courtesy of

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