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FREE! Cindy’s Sin Kindle E-Book

It’s FREE! I said FREE! For a limited time. Download it now! Hurry! Cindy’s Sin Free Ebook That’s right, you heard it first folks, my premier novella on Kindle Cindy’s Sin, and my first foray into self-publishing, is now FREE as a download on Kindle until Saturday (7/28/18). I just ask for a review if you enjoyed it, and a review if you found it lacking. Review help me improve. So, pile on! Thanks for…

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My Craft New Pulp Stories

Jake Rutledge and the Guy with Bad Timing – Part Four

Through the night we stayed huddled around the weatherman who continued to moan. We kept him as comfortable as possible and tried to keep him from moving around with little success. At one point he tried to sit and ended up moving the pipe protruding from his stomach. He shouted in pain and promptly passed out. Charlie kept watch on the door with a shotgun and the rest of us huddled in the dark listening…

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