Topic: 100 Word Stories

The Double Chocolate Bar 0

He brought out the candy and tore the top edge exposing the chocolate. She longed for it. He snapped off the end and brought it to his mouth. He felt eyes on him and looked directly at the girl. She sat across from him on the upper deck. She smiled, and turned away.

He moved the chocolate with his tongue and let the richness roll through his mouth. He caught her looking again. She smiled and buried her head in the sweater laying next to the window. He approached her. “Miss, can I give your daughter some of my chocolate?”

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The Sweet Smell of Rotting Flesh 0

Hot breath touched her neck and she sidestepped left running hard until the sweet smell of rotting flesh faded. She landed in a hole and pulled leaves over her. She waited. The sweet smell drifted again to her nose. She stopped breathing and listened. Warm drool fell on her head. She drew into the hole and stifled a scream.

Now the sweet smell was gone. She sat listening. No sounds. She waited still before peeking out through the leaves. The black snout bared its fangs inches from her nose. Then the dog stuck out its tongue and licked her face.

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The Face Behind the Frame 0

In the periphery, he saw children wearing uniforms crowded around an adult giving them instructions for the day. He neglected to smooth his tunic. No need. It never changed. He clinched his knee keeping his slender fingers straight. The letter balanced on the edge of the table. One errant breeze and it would fall. He hoped it didn’t land out of the frame. He stared into the exhibit hall waiting for the children. One curiously looked up. He realized she had missed him to examine a pastoral scene over his head. He glared more intently to catch her eye.

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