Audio Recording of the Gift of the Magi

Audio Recording of the Gift of the MagiThis audio recording of the Gift of the Magi relates a timeless short story of a young married couple and how they learn the true meaning of Christmas. In the story, a delightful surprise awaits them when they face the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for each other with very little money.

Some people call the Gift of the Magi corny. I think it is sentimental and shows the true meaning of the Christmas season. Besides, this audio recording of the Gift of the Magi is for kids.

I performed this at the West Texas Opry along with my rendition of Stubby Pringle’s Christmas. I enjoy performing the rhythm of a good story in front of an audience and it has helped in my writing.

I’m selling this audio recording of the Gift of the Magi and a portion of my sales goes to the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. I have had the pleasure of visiting this campus and seeing all of the wonderful things they do for music and performance arts. The Academy is a 12-time Grammy winning public performing arts high school in Downtown Las Vegas. The funds from this sale will go to things like theater upgrades, a new recording studio, a new piano lab, new dance floors, equipment for the Academy print shop, new instruments, and upgrades to the library.

This is one of those short stories I’m sure O’Henry (William Sydney Porter’s pen name) wrote in a quick moment when he was writing for The New York Sunday World newspaper. Sometimes the best stories are the ones we rattle off quick.

Like most of O’Henry’s works, this story contains a simple parable, which is why most people find it quaint and corny. No matter. It’s a great story.

I tried to capture in this audio recording of the Gift of the Magi the same warmth as I’m sure Mr. Porter felt as he was writing it. The story is a nice way to kick off a holiday party or put others in the spirit of the season.

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